Concept of Family

You will remember how your parents used to take care of you in childhood. You used to play with siblings and listen to stories from grandparents. It was all very fun. Family members used to give you love and protection. Everyone felt happy with you. You still see how your mother cooks for you. Father pays your fees for books. If you fall ill, then your parents, brothers, and sisters take care of you. All your needs are fulfilled on time while staying in the family.
Our family is the basis of society. The entire society is made up of families. Without family, both human and society cannot exist. There are not many families in society. We all live in a family and the family is an institution that is found in all countries. The family is a universal institution made up of a married woman, man, and child. The existence of society depends on this institution only.

The family is a biological social unit of the husband and wife and their children. The family can also be called a social institution, a society recognized by an organization that fulfills certain human needs.

Every child has the right to be brought up in the family. If the parents of many children die, then other members of the family such as grandparents, maternal grandparents and uncle Bua half take care of them.
If there are no children, then they live in an ashram which becomes their family or some family adopts them. For such children, the government and other social institutions continue to provide financial and other social assistance through various schemes from time to time. From here, the complete development of these children becomes possible. Despite not being in the family, they get their own family.
Many times children stay in the ashram and stay on the streets. The family is not made up of only males and females but children are also an integral part of it. These children can be born or adopted. Husband’s wife starts their family after marriage.

There are a variety of questions about the changing concepts of the family in today’s modern society. How are families essential to society? How are families created and maintained? Who are members of a family? What is the role of the family in society? What are the roles of the members of the family? What makes a family?  What social forces have shaped our perceptions of a family?

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