Christmas Festival Celebration 2021

Christmas Festival Celebration December 2021

Christmas is a global fast celebrated with pomp. Today more than 100 small and big countries across the world celebrate this festival. This festival is mainly for those who believe in Christianity, but people of all other religions also take part in this festival.
It is celebrated every year on 25 December all over the world because this day is considered to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. The prominence of this festival is increasing in many countries of the world, the main reason for this was that Jesus Christ did not accept high and low. He gave a message to the people of the entire world to live with love and brotherhood, due to which almost all the major countries of the world celebrate this festival with great pomp. In other ways, the Christmas festival also becomes very important because this day comes only a few days before the new year. You can also say that the last days of the month of December are bigger than enthusiasm.

Children especially eagerly wait for Christmas. On this day, children are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus. As we all know Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians which is celebrated on 25 December of every year. We can also say that it is celebrated in the winter season. On this day there is a state holiday and all government schools, offices, colleges are closed.

Christmas preparations are done a long time in advance. People decorate their homes with different types of lights and stars. Very large quantities of Christmas tree Santa Claus, red and white clothes, cake gifts, etc. start appearing in the markets.

On Christmas Day i.e. December 25, people go to the nearest church and burn candles and pray to Jesus Christ and celebrate his birthday. On this day people make a very beautiful Christmas tree in their homes and also feed each other cake and congratulate them.

On this day different types of forums are decorated and comedy programs are organized. Individuals in Santa Claus dress go by giving gifts and toffees to children. The Christmas festival gives a message to everyone, big and small, to live together and to make each other feel lovingly like brotherhood and sacrifice.

Importance of Christmas

Although Christmas is celebrated by people of all religions, Christmas is a major and major festival for Christians mainly. According to old beliefs, Jesus was born on December 25 at 12:00 pm. So every year this day is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ or we can say that Christmas Day is celebrated. It is believed that he was born on this day in a cowshed in the city of Bethlehem.

History of Christmas

The Christmas festival is celebrated in almost every country in the world today. On this day, people celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Children wear a variety of colorful costumes. In many big countries of the world, this day is declared a state holiday. This and most people who belong to Christianity mostly celebrate it. In the world today, not only those who keep Christianity but also people of other religions celebrate this festival with joy.
People cook different types of dishes in their homes. This festival took a long time to reach here and faced many obstacles. For the last nearly one and a half years, the Christmas festival has been held without any hindrance.

Origin of Christmas Traditions

Earlier there were many differences among people in celebrating this festival.
Generally, this day i.e. 25th of December is considered to be the birthday of Jesus Christ, that is why Christmas is organized on the 25th of December, but in the beginning, even the religious people were not ready to recognize this day. Because this defeat was a festival day of the Roman race. On this day, the sun god was worshiped in the Roman race. According to the Roman race, it was believed that the sun was born on this day.

According to him, worshiping the sun was the official religion of the Roman emperors in those days. Later, when Christianity was mainly propagated, people began to worship this day by considering Isa Masih as the incarnation of the sun. But this festival could not get recognition at that time. Initially, people who followed Christianity did not organize any kind of public festival.

When was Christmas first celebrated?

An old list of Roman bishops that was compiled in 354 A.D. found that the first Christmas was celebrated in 336 A.D. which is the first recorded Christmas celebration.

Around 360 AD, the first huge ceremony was held in a church in Rome on the birthday of Christ in which the Pope of the Christians also attended the ceremony. But even after this, there remained considerable differences regarding the date of Christmas. The Jewish religious shepherds had a tradition of celebrating the 8-day spring festival since ancient times. After preaching Christianity, the shepherds grew up to participate in this festival and started sacrificing the first child of their animals to the Messiah and also feasted in his name. But this ceremony remained only for a particular caste, which was the shepherd.

At that time, some other ceremonies were also organized these days, whose duration was often between 30 November to 2 February. In which Yule festival of Norsemen caste in which servants were given complete freedom to conduct themselves as owners. These festivals had no connection with Christianity at that time.

In the third century, celebrations on the birthday of Jesus Christ were considered very seriously, but most people refused to participate in the discussion about this festival at that time. Nevertheless, discussions were held in the Christian faith and it was decided that what should be done mainly for this festival on the day of spring. Accordingly, it was fixed on 28 March and then changed to 19 April. But this process of changing the date continued and finally, 25 December was declared as the birthday of Christ.

Although at that time, the day of 25 December was declared as the birth celebration of Jesus Christ, still it took a long time for it to come into vogue. Finally, on 25 December in Jerusalem, the birthplace of Isa, it was accepted as the birth celebration of Jesus Christ in the middle of the fifth century.
Even after this, many contradictions continued to celebrate Christmas Day. During the Protestant movement in the 13th century, it was felt that much of the influence of the old Pagan religion was left on him, which led to a long ban on songs of devotional songs like Christmas carols. And on 25 December 1664, a new law was made in England according to which 25 December was declared as Christmas fasting day.

Anti-Christmas movement and Christmas Day final Acceptance

This anti-Christmas movement also spread to other countries of the world, which resulted in the Christmas festival being banned in Boston, USA in 1690 AD. Later in 1836, Christmas was legally recognized in America and the day of 25 December was accepted as Christmas Day, and this day was also declared as a public holiday. In this way, this festival got a lot of strength in other countries of the world too.
In different parts of European countries, there was an ancient tradition of decorating trees for any kind of laughter. Maybe the tradition of decorating trees on Christmas day is prevalent here.

Later many legends were associated with these ideologies.
In 1821, the Queen of England gave birth to the tradition of placing the idol of the deity in the tree for the first time in 1821 AD, by making children a Christmas tree. The first Christmas card to be greeted was first created in London in 1844 AD, later this practice spread all over the world by 1870 AD.

History of Santa Claus

On Christmas Day, the most famous character, Santa Claus, was followed much later. Saint Nicholas, whose birthday was celebrated on 6 December, was a very saint of the Middle Ages. At that time, it was believed that Saint Nicholas brought a variety of gifts for children on his birthday. This Saint Nicholas later became Santa Claus and gradually became popular as Santa Claus all over the world.

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