English Grammar Conjunction in Hindi

A Conjunction or a Linker is a word that joins two words, phrases, or sentences together. Conjunction एक ऐसा शब्द होता है जो दो शब्दों, वाक्याशों और वाक्यों को परस्पर… Read more
prepostion in hindi

English Grammar Prepositions in Hindi

A preposition is a word that is placed before a Noun or Pronoun to tell its relation with other words in a sentence or we can say that it tells… Read more

English Verb in Hindi

A Verb is a word that says something about a person, place, or thing. All saying words are Verbs. (क्रिया वह शब्द है जो किसी व्यक्ति, स्थान अथवा वस्तु के… Read more

Adjective in Hindi

An Adjective is a word which qualifies (or adds something to the meaning of a noun or a pronoun (संज्ञा या सर्वनाम की विशेषता बताने वाले शब्द (Adjectives) विशेषण) कहलाते… Read more

Pronoun in Hindi

Meaning and Definition of Pronoun in Hindi and English A Pronoun is a word that is used in place of a Noun. (संज्ञा के स्थान पर प्रयुक्त होने वाला शब्द… Read more

English Grammar Noun in Hindi

There are five kinds of nouns Proper Noun (व्यक्तिवाचक संज्ञा) Collective Noun (जातिवाचक संज्ञा) Common Noun (समूहवाचक संज्ञा) Material Noun (पदार्थवाचक संज्ञा) Abstract Noun (भाववाचक संज्ञा) Proper Noun (व्यक्तिवाचक संज्ञा)… Read more

English Grammar Article in Hindi

There are two types of Articles  Indefinite articles – a, an, Definite Article – the, A, an और the, Articles कहलाते हैं। वास्तव में ये Demonstrative Adjectives हैं। Indefinite Articles… Read more